What is Joint Assembly?

The first Joint Assembly was held in Nice, France, during spring 2003, in partnership with the European Geophysical Society and the European Union of Geosciences. More than 10,000 attendees from 90 countries took part in this groundbreaking program to view approximately 12,000 presentations, as well participate in townhalls, workshops, and symposia.

Goals and Objectives

Some of the many goals of this program are to reach out to geophysical communities beyond the borders of the United States; to collaborate with those communities, offering the benefit of interacting with AGU’s diverse membership of more than 62,000; and to provide an attractive venue for those who are not currently well served—a true Joint Assembly.

Intersociety Cooperation Continues

AGU is excited to join the Canadian Geophysical Union, the Geological Association of Canada, and the Mineralogical Association of Canada to create a diverse program for 2015 that covers all areas of geophysics. Such collaboration will ensure strong volunteers and presenters from wide-ranging scientific backgrounds.

This program is very appropriate to our international role and aspirations, and continues to focus on the broad and progressive scientific program in the form and spirit that thousands have experienced.