The following field trips are scheduled during Joint Assembly.

Sunday, 3 May (8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.)

Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Ecology of the Mer Bleue Bog
Leaders: Nigel Roulet (McGill University) and Tim Moore (McGill University)
Participants of this one-day trip will visit Mer Bleue bog, located near Ottawa. Since 1998, it has been the site of many studies on bog biogeochemistry, hydrology, and ecology. This field trip, led by Professors Nigel Roulet and Tim Moore, will present some of these field studies (e.g., eddy covariance tower, automatic gas flux chambers, long-term fertilization experiment), the results obtained, and the way in which the results have been integrated into models. Lunch will be provided; maximum capacity: 50.

Thursday, 7 May (6:00 P.M.)  – Saturday, 9 May (5:00 P.M.)

Anatomy of Ordovician Volcanic Arc and Forearc Basin in the Southern Québec Appalachians
Leader: Alain Tremblay (UQAM)
This 2-day field trip focuses on the stratigraphy and structures of the Ordovician Ascot Complex and Magog Group in the Sherbrooke area of the southern Québec Appalachians. The Ascot Complex is interpreted as the remnant of a volcanic arc, whereas the Magog Group is a ca. 10 km-thick volcanic and sedimentary sequence interpreted as a syn- to late-collisional basin developed in a forearc setting during the Taconian orogeny. This field trip will mainly focus, however, on the characterization of the Acadian-related regional deformation and metamorphism in these rocks. The structural relationships with the Silurian-Devonian rocks of the Gaspé Belt will be also examined. Passengers will be picked up in the late afternoon of 7 May and will return mid-afternoon, on 9 May. Cost will include meals, transportation, and accommodation; maximum capacity: 25.

Thursday, 7 May (4:00 P.M.) – Tuesday, 12 May (4:00 P.M.)

Stratigraphy, Volcanology and Metallogenic Evolution of Val-d’Or-Malartic (Québec), Kirkland Lake and Timmins (Ontario) Areas, Abitibi Subprovince
Leaders: Pierre Pilote (MERN) and Sonia Préfontaine (OGS); Co-leaders: Pierre Lacoste and James Moorhead (MERN); Dave Guindon (OGS); Brian Atkinson (consultant); Réal Daigneault and Véronique Lafrance (UQAC)
This 5-day field trip will focus on the main characteristics associated with the development of the volcanic and sedimentary units encountered in the Val-d’Or – Malartic, Kirkland Lake and Timmins mining camps. The topic of physical volcanology in particular in the Val-d’Or – Malartic (Malartic Group) and Timmins area (Kidd Munro and Tisdale episodes) will be covered. Komatiites, variolitic basalts, volcaniclastic basalts, pillow-lobe dacites, and rhyolites are important host rocks for many Archean metallic mineral deposits in these camps. Participants will learn about these rocks, how they are related, and their significance in terms of Abitibi stratigraphy. The metallogenic evolution of all three camps will be presented, with emphasis on the relationships between volcanic rocks (Malartic Group and Kidd-Munro episode) and mineral deposits such as Ni-Cu-PGE, VMS and Lode Au (pre- and post-tectonic), as well as the characteristics of volcanic (Tisdale and Timiskaming episodes) and sedimentary rocks (Timiskaming episode) along two major Au-bearing deformation zones: Porcupine-Destor and Cadillac-Larder Lake. Particular attention will be paid to the similarity and the contemporaneity of the geological processes that have affected the Val-d’Or – Malartic, Kirkland Lake, and Timmins mining camps. Visits to occurrences of VMS (Potter Mine – Munro Township), Ni (Marbridge area – La Motte-Vassan Fm), and Au (Kirkland Lake and Val-d’Or – Malartic) mineralizations are planned. The cost of the field trip will include 5 nights (double occupancy) (7 May  – 12 May 2015), lunches, and transportation for 5 days. Transportation from Montréal to Val-d’Or at the start of and during the field trip will be by minivans. The field trip will end in Timmins, Ontario, mid-afternoon on 12 May. Note: Participants will need to arrange travel back from Timmins. Maximum capacity: 20.