Each year, almost 6,000 students request to be considered for an Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA). The role of OSPA Liaison was created in order to help the Coordinators for each section and focus group ensure that all students who wish to be considered are evaluated. During the Fall Meeting Session Organizing stage, conveners will be asked to designate an OSPA Liaison for each session. What does this mean?

Liaisons will be contacted by the OSPA Coordinator for their section/focus group and will be responsible for helping fill 3 judging slots for each student. Liaisons should use their professional network in order to ask friends and colleagues to serve as judges. Liaisons will receive information from their Coordinator as to which students in their session are to be judged for the OSPA. Liaisons may choose to do the judging of the students in their session themselves if they do not have a conflict of interest.

Other conveners in a session may choose to help, but only one Liaison per session will be responsible for securing judges.