Congratulations to the OSPA winners from the 2015 Joint Assembly!  And many thanks to the judges, liaisons, and coordinators who helped with the program!  For smaller meetings, such as Joint Assembly, there are not always OSPA winners in each section because only the top 3-5% of student presenters are awarded an OSPA.   However, all students will benefit greatly from the feedback about their presentation skills.

Atmospheric Sciences: Bernardo Teufel and Jean-Sébastien Landry
Biogeosciences: Azadeh Joshani
Earth Surface Processes: Camille Ouellet Dallaire
Hydrology: Offer Rozenstein and Sarah Scarlett
Seismology: Yelena Kropivnitskaya
Solid Earth: Evan Eshelman
Tectonophysics: Renaud Soucy La Roche
Volcanology Geochemistry & Petrology: Jennifer Blanchard and Patrick Beaudry