Judging Process

  • Poster Presenters:  You may not change the time period you selected to remain by your poster.
  • While at the conference, you may “check in” to indicate your presence.  This will allow ad-hoc judges to fill in empty judging slots
  • You will be judged by 3 anonymous volunteer judges
  • Give the same quality presentation to everyone who inquires about your work
  • Poster presenters:  Remain at your poster during the (minimum) 2 hour time period you selected
  • Be respectful of the judge’s time.  Many are well-known scientists- don’t upset them by not being present at your poster or not attending at all

Judging Criteria

The presentation of the poster/oral session is as important as the science itself.  The award encourages preparation and the clear, concise presentation of a student’s work.

Judges will assess the students in the following areas and rate them on a scale of 0–5.  Comments from judges are also encouraged in order to provide students with valuable feedback.

Presentation: Visuals, effective use of allotted time or space, diction (enunciation, volume, and clarity), general style, liveliness, and stage presence

Content: Organization and logic, appropriate comprehension/knowledge of field, clear explanation/ability to answer questions, and significance and originality

Overall Impression Compared to Other Papers Judged


AGU recognizes that scores and judges’ comments are important for students to better their presentation skills for future sessions.   This feedback will be shared with all students via this online scheduling system in May 2015.

2015 Joint Assembly Outstanding Student Paper Award Winners